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Professor Liu Min: Tourism and Leisure District Development and Related Research
来源:中国文化和旅游产业研究院 日期:2023-10-26 浏览次数: 字号:[ ]

The 37th Huang Danian Cultural and Tourism Pioneer Forum was held on the Tencent conference website as scheduled on October 20, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. This forum was co-sponsored by Beijing International Studies University (BISU), Beijing Tourism Society, China Academy of Culture and Tourism, Beijing International Studies University MTA/MBA Education Center, Central Asian Culture and Tourism Research Center and ASEAN Economic, Cultural and Tourism Research Center. Liu Min, Professor of the Tourism College of Beijing Union University, was specially invited to be the speaker of this forum. Professor Wang Xin, Vice Dean of the China Academy of Culture and Tourism of Beijing International Studies University, served as the moderator of this forum.


At the beginning of this forum, Professor Wang introduced the keynote speaker, Professor Liu Min, to the online students and expressed her sincere welcome to Professor Liu.


Fig1. The beginning of the 37th Huang Danian Culture and Tourism Pioneer Forum


Professor Liu took “Tourism and Leisure District Development and Related Research” as the topic and shared with students the origin and development, standards and requirements, current situation and distribution of tourism and leisure blocks, the existing superficial research, etc.


First, Professor Liu Min talked about the evolution of tourism and leisure blocks, emphasizing the functional development of tourism and leisure blocks and the attention it has aroused. Second, Professor Liu Min interpreted the standard of tourism and leisure district, defined tourism and leisure district, and quoted the case of Sunan District to explain the phenomenon that it is easy to lose local characteristics under the premise that profit is king. Then, Professor Liu Min introduced the distribution of tourism, leisure, and historical and cultural blocks and compared the situation of cultural and tourism consumption clusters at night. Finally, Professor Liu Min explained the related research of tourism and leisure districts in detail, mainly divided into four aspects: cultural theme, business layout, host and guest sharing, and community symbiosis. It also introduces the relationship between tourism, leisure blocks, and cities from space, time, and lifestyle.


Fig2. Professor Liu explained the historical and cultural blocks


After sharing, an interactive communication session was held. The students exchanged and interacted with Professor Liu on the five parts and the tourism and leisure districts. This forum session was successfully concluded with the students’ active questions and succeeded utterly!


Fig3. Active interaction during this forum


The 37th Huang Danian Cultural and Tourism Pioneer Forum was successfully held. Students were brought together, learned the case of tourism and leisure districts, and understood the connection between tourism and leisure districts and cities regarding time, space, and lifestyle. Huang Danian Cultural Tourism Pioneer Forum will continue to uphold the principles of high quality and quantity and build a high-quality academic forum for students.


Looking forward to meeting you next time!

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